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It's that time of year!

Y'all, this flu. Oh my. The DFW area in which our family lives is being called the 7th worst in the nation for the flu outbreak this year...yikes! While all of our bodies work differently from each other, and we all have multiple choices in our wellness options, we hope you'll consider elderberry syrup as one of your "main lines of defense" for your family. For us, each year we've faithfully taken this extract, our symptoms have remained minimal and short-lived, and we've not had any flu. It's a powerhouse of antioxidants and a little goes a long way. Economically speaking, taking elderberry extract has saved us money in the long-run preventing sick Dr. visits as well as streamlining what we do for our family of four kids. It's just not finically viable to do ALL. THE. THINGS. in the family of 6! Elderberry gives us the biggest "bang for our buck" so to speak. At first, I bought the stuff off of the shelves. While not terrible, I was bothered by the fact that they included ingredients that I wasn't excited about, such as being sweetened with cane sugar.

I set out to make the healthiest version that still tasted amazing so that I could feel like we were getting the most out of our seasonal elderberry intake. I'm happy to say, we've hit on a winner of a recipe! Thumbs up from everyone who has tried it, and my kids request the gummies on a regular basis...basically I have to hide them so they don't all get eaten in a day! Give them a try, we think you'll be happy with your purchase...and have a "berry" happy day! Sorry, I couldn't help it. This is what I get for posting on the blog at midnight!